Is This the Definitive Origin of Batman?

Hafa Adai Fam! I just finished reading Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli with coloring by Richmond Lewis yah'll. Right off the bat (PUN SO INTENDED) this immediately recognizable as a Frank Miller Batman book... it's dark, it's gritty, IT'S STREET LEVEL, and it's really really really good!

He writes great characters, he writes great relatable characters... even if they are parts of the worst of humanity, they're things that we recognize about ourselves. The characters kind of walk that moral and psychological gray line that is prime Frank Miller.

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David Mazzucchelli on art is a match made in heaven. His superhero tale is very minimalist yet the panels have a rich detailed look to them...its hard to quite put my finger's got everything we love about Batman. Last week, I read "Batman The Black Mirror" and you can see all over the place where Jock and people like Francesco Francavilla get their style that's from Mazzucchelli and colorist Richmond Lewis. The colors and the visuals absolutely POP off the page. Mazzucchelli prossibly draws the best vehicle scenes I've ever seen in a comic. They are visceral and kenetic in a very cinematic way. One of the things I love about Mazzucchelli is his panel work, there's a lot of space in these panels, the styles vary and he knows when to give your eyes a place to really rest and not overcrowd the narrative with the artwork. This is a team that absolutely fires on all cylinders.

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