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Hafa Adai! Island Boy Manuel here ready to talk about Star Wars! We finally have the final trailer for Rogue One: a Star Wars Story and here are my predictions on plot elements based on these trailers. Now I feel the need to drop a spoiler warning even though these are my thoughts and could be completely wrong. That said if your interested in taking a peak into the galaxy far, far away these are my thoughts on Rogue 1!

Who is Galen Erso?

While more and more will be revealed next month when Rogue One: Catalyst hits shelves...or kindles...or... I don't know how books works anymore.

Mads Mikkleson as Galen ErsoAny who based on the excerpts that have been released we know that Galen (Mads Mikkleson in the film) is a pro-republic scientist during the Clone Wars, and that at some point he was held captive by separatists, only to be rescued by an old friend, Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn in the film). It is shown in the excerpt that Krennic is far more rash and violent than his friend, but that Galen semi-approves of Krennic's all is fair in war attitude. While Galen's wife pleads with Krennic to spare the separatists since they are free now, Galen sits silently as Krennic destroys the base.

In the trailers we see an older Krennic showing up to Galen's farm with a compliment of black clad Death Troopers. It appears from the trailer that Galen hasn't embraced the empire that arose from the republic after the Clone Wars. He doesn't appear to be a rebel but instead is living a quiet life with his wife and daughter. Since we saw the plans for the Death Star in the prequel films, I would assume that he already designed the weapon by now and Krennic is letting him know that the Empire is finally moving ahead in building it. Based on his previous experiences with his old friend Krennic he tells his wife and Jyn to hide in case Krennic decides that like the separatists mentioned earlier, "they chose the wrong side."

Galen in imperial garbHere is where I deviate from some of the other internet commentators out there. I don't believe Galen is a good guy. I think he has a doctor Frankenstein obsession with the Death Star. That's why later in the trailer we is seen wearing an imperial uniform. I think it's a mistake to assume that since Mon Mothma says they intercepted a transmission from Galen that he intended it to be intercepted. This man has been apart from his wife and daughter for many years, I think it is more to do with his wife's distaste for war than his desire to go home.

I actually believe that his wife Lyra, knows what powers the weapon and brings her to Jedha hoping for a chance to save her husband, not knowing that he is building this weapon of his own will.

Why is the rebellion scared of Jyn?

Like I said above I think that Lyra brings a young Jyn to Jedha. It's the not Tatooine, not Jakku desert planet for this movie. It's a holy place to the extinct Jedi, hence the Lord of the Rings style statue, and I think it's where the Kyber Crystals are stored. They power lightsabers and I believe are also the power source for the Death Star.

This also happens to be the base of operations for a little terrorist known as Saw Gerrera and his Partisans. I think that sometime after arriving in Jedha, Lyra is killed by imperial soldiers (possibly on Krennic's orders) and Jyn turns to the Partisans and is raised by Saw to be a anti-Empire terrorist.

Saw aging in the trailerI think that Saw raising Jyn makes sense considering how much he ages in trailers. I also think that Chirrut and Baze (Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen) are also members of the Partisans. You never see them interact with the folks on Yavin 4 and they appear on Jedha or Scarif in every scene you see them in.

Jyn being a Terrorist makes sense considering the level of distrust that she receives from the rebels. However, they need her to recover the Death Star plans from the Empires base on Scarif. Which is the tropical planet you've seen in the posters and trailers.

Where is the Empire Hiding those Plans?!?

I think that Scarif houses the base that Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO are breaking into in the final trailer. I don't believe it's the Death Star, I think bad disguises would only work once and Han and Luke do that in a little while. Also the biggest complaint people have about Force Awakens is how similar it is to A New Hope. I doubt Disney will open that door again.

I think that Scarif is the mission but that the team will make it out with the plans. However, I think that from the plans they will discover that the weapons power source is on Jedha, Jyn will realize why her mother brought her there all those years ago, and they will decide to go there to try to stop the Empire from getting the Kyber Crstals. I believe this is the Alamo moment. I think this final stand is where most of the characters will bite the dust. I think this mostly because of these two shots...

Bodhi looking grave on Scarif, and then standing in front of this massive blast on Jedha. I don't think he is walking away from the second one, which I think is caused by the crystal mine exploding in the battle (after the Empire has what they need).

How much Vader will we see?

My guess is not much. I think he will show up after the battle at Scarif, reprimand Krennic and possibly kill Galen (after he helps his daughter escape) off screen. I say not much purely because the original trilogy had a boring lightsaber duelist in Vader and he doesn't over use the force either so to give him a lot of cool Sith Lord stuff to do would put him out of place, power-wise, with A New Hope.

So there you have it folks, these are my thoughts for Rogue One. I could be completely wrong but this is what I think based on the trailers. But hit me up in the comments, you can also follow me on Twitter and be sure to watch Chamorro Cinema on YouTube for Nerdtastic News with an Island View. Thanks for reading. PEACE!

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